Hamfist now available in paperback!

Here’s an idea for a great Christmas gift for anyone you know who would like to read about the adventures of a Vietnam FAC. The Hamfist books are now available as paperback books, in addition to Kindle downloads.

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Hamfist Down! is up!

I know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Hamfist Over The Trail. Well, your wait is over. Hamfist Down! is now available as a Kindle download here.

I want to thank all of you who posted reviews and wrote in with comments and suggestions.

I hope you enjoy reading Hamfist Down! as much as I enjoyed writing it. And standby for the next sequel, Hamfist Over Hanoi.

The Adventure Begins

Cover art by Tony Stencel

It’s 1968. Hamilton Hancock is on the fast track to become a fighter pilot. He is slated to fly an F-100, F-105 or F-4 in Vietnam. Then, the “needs of the service” intervenes, and he is assigned to fly one of the smallest, slowest aircraft in the Air Force inventory, the O-2A.

Hamilton becomes a Forward Air Controller (FAC) in Vietnam, and picks up the nickname “Hamfist”.

While Hamfist flies in air combat over the Ho Chi Minh Trail and battles an enemy gunner with a deadly record, on the ground he must also battle his inner fears and personal demons.

Inspired by actual events.

Hamfist Over The Trail  is now available as a Kindle download.

This book contains strong language!


O-2A Super Skymaster